Debugging SSL issues

This debugging method only works if you are on the latest version. Make sure you have updated your CyberPanel before going forward with debugging.

If for some reasons you are not able to get SSL certificates via CyberPanel first make sure that your acme-client is the latest version, recently there were some changes on Let’s Encrypt end due to which acme-client made some changes. You can get the latest version of acme by running this on the command line:

wget -O - | sh 


Now go to CyberPanel and again try to issue SSL. If you are still experiencing issues, go to CyberPanel main log file, you can go to this file by directly visiting



Here you will see a command which CyberPanel have tried to obtain SSL for your site, now copy this command and execute it via command line, and you will see why CyberPanel failed to obtain the SSL. The command will look like:

/root/ --issue -d -d --cert-file 

/etc/letsencrypt/live/ --key-file 

/etc/letsencrypt/live/ --fullchain-file

/etc/letsencrypt/live/ -w

/home/\_html --force


Here CyberPanel is trying to obtain SSL for, in your case, it will be your domain.



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